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Our class size is an indication of how important EVERY scholar is to us. We allow for a maximum of 10 children per class. Such a small class size allows our instructors to give small group and individualized instruction. The small class size also allows instructors to address different learning styles in a more intentional manner.

We take academics seriously. Our scholars are taught using the Bob Jones curriculum for English Language Arts, Social Studies, and Math. Bob Jones gives scholars tools to help them become solution-based critical thinkers. We use Noeo Science to give scholars a more involved study in Science. Both Bob Jones and Noeo Science keep scholars involved and attentive.

Our goal is to have every child achieve > 80%, 100% of the time. Scholars and staff work hard to ensure their work is done with excellence. We know teamwork makes the dream work and we encourage peers to work together with problem solving, projects, or help understanding a lesson. In addition to time in school we extend learning to field trips and home-based projects.

At Harmon STEM, we understand families should be able to spend quality time together. We encourage our scholars to be active in the community as well. Therefore, homework is limited and assigned only when necessary. Each quarter a project is required to be completed at home. We ask the entire family to participate and learn new things together.

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Harmon STEM is small in number to make a BIG impact in your child's life. 

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Summer assignments are required to keep our scholars on track for the next school year.


Annual Family Trip

There's So Much to Learn

There's this whole big world out there and we want our scholars to learn about it. Whether we take a road trip, catch a flight, or sail away on a cruise one of our priorities is to expose our scholars to places and things they may not experience otherwise. Every year scholars and families embark on a mandatory learning expedition. We have a ton of fun building relationships and team building. More importantly we have an awesome time learning and exploring. There is always a project associated with our trip. We look at our trips as an extension to our learning, a true, in your face learning experience, full of memories and knowledge that are difficult to forget.

How do we decide on the destination? At the end of each year the staff takes note of cool learning opportunities across the world. We then identify whether there is a unique opportunity for learning. We narrow down our decision to a few destinations. We look at price and affordability and we make a final decision. This announcement is typically made before the current school year ends.

Who is required to go? Everyone. Our kindergarten scholars to our eighth graders must attend this learning experience. Because we sometimes travel far from home parents must also attend the trip.

Who pays for the trip?  It is the parent's responsibility to fund the trip. We offer a number of fundraising opportunies to offset the cost of of the trip. The trip is usually scheduled in the 4th quarter of the school year. This gives families time to save and make payments throughout the school year.

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Harmon STEM is more than completing projects and local field trips. Part of our mission is to exposure to what's outside of Hillsborough County. We want our scholars to see the country and the world. 

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